Kathmandu Half Day Trip by Scorpio Jeep

Scorpio Hire in Nepal provides you Half Day trip Scorpio Jeep hire and Rental Service. Specially, For domestic and international Tourist this Half day trip is the famous and mostly preferred service. Half day Tour is mainly in practice for inside valley. You’ll have 3Hr time period by which you can travel more than couple of places. Well, Swayambhu Nath( World Heritage), Pashupati Nath Temple(World Heritage), Darbar Squares(Palaces) are the most preferred place. We also provide you Guide in case of necessity and your request. Our drivers are also communication skilled persons and professional. Cost for a Half day trip is based on duration and distance. If in case of additional time, cost may get little bit added but not extreme charge. Scorpio hire in Nepal is one of the best Scorpio hire and rental service providers based in Kathmandu Nepal. We offer a wide range of Scorpio Jeep on hire and rent for personal and business trips all over Nepal.

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Available Vehicles for Booking

KathmanduAirport Arrival / DepartureJeepRs.20002 hrs
KathmanduAirport : Mountain FlightJeepRs.30003 hrs
KathmanduAirport : Overnight ChargeJeepRs.50006 hours
KathmanduHalf day city Swoyambhu Stupa (Monkey Temple), Patan durbar squire.JeepRs.30004 hrs
KathmanduBhaktapur tour onlyJeepRs.50004 hrs
KathmanduPashupati Nath and Boudhanath Stupa tourJeepRs.35004 hrs
KathmanduKritipur/Chovar tourJeepRs.40006 hrs
KathmanduBungmati/Khokana tourJeepRs.40004 hrs
KathmanduHalf day Daksinkali tourJeepRs.65004 hrs
KathmanduGodawariJeepRs.50004 hrs
KathmanduSundarijal tourJeepRs.60008 hrs
KathmanduHalf day Sakhu tourJeepRs.40004 hrs
KathmanduChagunarayan tourJeepRs.50004 hrs
KathmanduDhulikhel tourJeepRs.60004 hrs
KathmanduNagarkotJeepRs. 75004 hrs
KathmanduFull day Kathmandu city, shoyambhu stupa, Patan durbarJeepRs.51008 hrs
KathmanduFull day Pahupati Nath Temple, Boudha Stupa and Bhaktapur durbar squireJeepRs.51008 hrs
KathmanduFull day Daksinkali, Chovar and Kritipur tourJeepRs.51008 hrs
KathmanduFull day Bhaktapur- changunaraya- Nagarkot day tourJeepRs.70008 hrs
KathmanduPokharaJeepRs 220002 Days
KathmanduChitwan SaurahaJeepRs 150005 Hour 30 Min
KathmanduChitwan NarayanghadhJeepRs. 160006 Hour
PokharaNayapool DroupJeepRs.3000
ChitwanKathmanduJeepRs 16000
PokharaKathmanduJeepRs 16000
KathmanduKerungJeep250006 Hours
KathmanduBesisaharJeepRs 180006 hours
KathmanduBesisahar BhulbhuleJeepRs. 250007 hours
KathmanduSukuteJeepRs 100009 Hrs
KathmanduPathivaraJeep650005 Days
KathmanduHalesiJeepRs 260002 Days
KathmanduKalinchokJeepRs 230002 Days
KathmanduTindharaJeepRs. 140001 Day
KathmanduChandragiriJeepRs. 70006 hrs
KathmanduKulekhaniJeepRs.90008 hrs
KathmanduManakamanaJeepRs. 110001 Day
KathmanduMuktinathJeepRs. 530004 Days

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