Panauti Scorpio Jeep Tour

Panauti Scorpio Jeep Tour is famous tour in Nepal. Located some 32 kilometres away from the capital Kathmandu, Panauti is a leftover reminiscence of a time long bygone. The word ''Panauti' in Hindi means 'unlucky', and for some reason unknown, it sits perfectly well with the historical background of this medieval city. At one glance, the town of Panauti is a melancholic chock-a-block of wooden houses, public halls, temples and shops, all nestled together resembling the shape of a fish in the laps of Himalayan greenery. Though still dotted with enough places worth mentioning, there is a feeling of decay spread all across the once prosperous town. On the north-east of the town lies the peak of Goraknath Hill at 2000 ft, from where a breathtaking panoramic view of this ancient town can be seen. There are occasional courtyards or public squares as well, but you will not see a throng of tourists loitering around in this town. Unlike Kathmandu, the streets of Panauti are still safe from the excessive encroachment of the travelling kind, and probably that is why it still retains much of its antique charms in the wooden buildings and the laid-back vibe around the town.